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The Water Management Industry

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Matthew Stichter - VP Business Development


Matthew Stichter - VP of Business Development Matthew Stichter started in the energy industry in 1991 as an outdoor lighting designer for Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric, a Midwest based utility company. Since then he has held several positions in both the regulated utility industry as well as the unregulated ESCO (energy service company) industry.

In addition to designing outdoor lighting systems for the utilities commercial customers, Matthew was also involved in the measurement and verification process of the Utility’s Demand Side Management programs for the purpose of reporting actual program savings and performance to the States Utility Board.

In 1993 Matthew started his first energy conservation company in Bettendorf, Iowa. In 1994 Matthew merged his company into United Energy Associates of Winter Haven, Florida. While a partner at UEA, Matthew acquired the professional designation of Certified Lighting Management Consultant from the International Association of Lighting Management Companies. He was also designated an EPA Green Lights Surveyor Ally after completing the training and testing provided by the United States EPA for lighting professionals. In 1996, after designing and installing many successful lighting projects throughout the United States, Matthew turned his attention to Water Management. In 1999 Matthew co-founded and became president of HydroEnhanced Labs, a company started to develop and market new water conservation technologies. With the successful roll out of several innovative water management technologies in HLI’s first year of business, Matthew again started designing and implementing full scale water management systems to coincide with the energy efficient lighting systems he’d been designing and installing for years.

In 2001, Matthew took his experience to a national lighting company providing service to the ESCO market. While there, Matthew used his hands on experience of lighting design and implementation to manage several large scale lighting installations. And in 2003, Matthew helped take that company into the water management industry, as their Director of Project Development. In this position, Matthew was instrumental in the creation of the company’s audit, design, and implementation standards. He trained auditors, and installation technicians in the intricacies of designing and installing new technologies in existing buildings.

Today Matthew holds the position of VP of Business Development for Infinity Water Management. In his current position Matthew controls the audit and design functions of Infinity Water Management. His years of in the field, hands-on experience ensures that his systems are practically sound for implementation and performance. Having installation and measurement and verification experience with all of the ECM’s he proposes, Matthew’s systems meet the savings goals projected, and are implemented with minimal installation issues.